Kavanaugh mentions liking beer an astounding amount while denying a drunken sexual assault

  • President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh mentioned beer and enjoying beer almost 30 times while denying drunkenly sexually assaulting Christine Blasey Ford.

  • Key to Kavanaugh's defense was that he had never drank beer to the point of memory loss, but he strongly defended his beer drinking and the habit generally.

  • At one point, Kavanaugh asked a Senator if they like drinking beer too.

Brett Kavanaugh gave a spirited defense of his conduct and character at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, during which he was accused of drunken sexual assault, but mentioned drinking beer nearly 30 times.

President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee said a number of times that he had never drank to the point of memory loss. He was defending against Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford's allegation that he attempted to rape her at a high school party in 1982 while under the influence of alcohol.

But bizarrely, a refrain of Kavanaugh's defense became repeated iterations of some version of "I like beer."

In total, Kavanaugh mentioned "beer" 29 times. Kavanaugh conceded that most of his social functions in high school involved beer drinking that, despite his claims to the contrary, violated state law at the time.

See images from the hearing:

"I liked beer. I still like beer. But I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out, and I never sexually assaulted anyone," Kavanaugh said during his opening statement.

"There is a bright line between drinking beer, which I gladly do, and which I fully embrace, and sexually assaulting someone, which is a violent crime. If every American who drinks beer or every American who drank beer in high school is suddenly presumed guilty of sexual assault, will be an ugly, new place in this country," he continued, in what became seemingly a defense of beer drinking itself.

"I liked beer. Still like beer. We drank beer," Kavanaugh responded to a question about his past intoxication.

Asked if Kavanaugh had ever suffered memory loss during a time that he had been drinking, Kavanaugh said no, but still defended beer drinking.

"We drank beer, and you know, so — so did, I think, the vast majority of — of people our age at the time. But in any event, we drank beer, and — and still do. So whatever, you know," Kavanaugh replied.

When further drilled on his past drinking, Kavanaugh began questioning the senators if they liked beer too.

When being questioned about the word "ralph" included in his yearbook, and whether it referred to Kavanaugh drinking to the point of throwing up, Kavanaugh demurred and instead talked about beer drinking generally.

"Do you like beer, Senator, or not?" Kavanaugh asked Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse after tacitly admitting to having vomited from too much beer drinking.

" Um, next" replied Whitehouse, who continued to ask about his yearbook entries.

The Committee is set to vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation on Friday morning.

BuzzFeed and others cut together Kavanaugh's beer references, a number of which went viral on Twitter. Here's BuzzFeed's version: