Tony Romo 'healthy enough' to play, doesn't directly say he wouldn't return

Tony Romo has been in the media business long enough to know how to escape being pinned by a question.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current CBS Sports NFL analyst was a guest on 105.3 The Fan’s Ben & Skin show Thursday, where the hosts blitzed him with questions and jokes on his return to football.

Romo ‘healthy enough’ to step back in the game

Romo caught himself on an early hypothetical question about owner Jerry Jones maybe asking him one day to be a coach.

“You know, the one thing I learned a while ago was you don’t get into hypotheticals,” he said. “They kind of get you in trouble. You kind of got to stay away from that.”

So they did and instead later asked the 38-year-old Romo if his body would still hold up to the physicality of the NFL.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback will continue his professional golf dream at Firewheel at Garland Bridges Golf Club.
The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback will continue his professional golf dream at Firewheel at Garland Bridges Golf Club.

“I probably played much more hurt back in ’13 or ’14 than I would be now. … Yeah, I’m healthy enough,” Romo said. “That wouldn’t be an issue at all. That would be the least of my thoughts when it came to a decision like that, obviously.”

“But that’s not a decision that is being pondered at all,” the hosts replied.

Romo laughed.

“You guys are silly.”

Swerved right out of that one, didn’t ya.

Hosts go full circle on Romo’s potential return

Romo is a big golfer these days and it provided the main topic of the interview. The hosts asked him to discuss Tiger Woods, with whom he shares similar back issues, and his return to the top over the weekend.

They didn’t miss a beat after his answer on a prominent athlete’s return to glory.

“So you’re saying that your favorite thing in sports is the guy who goes and has a long career, maybe is taken for granted a little bit, leaves the game,” one said. “Everybody realizes and appreciates how great he is when he leaves and starts calling games, and then the best part is when that guy comes back and that’s an awesome sports story.”

“And it’s the same guy that just five minutes ago he said he felt like he could do whatever physically he could do,” the other added.

Romo laughed again, and ducked.

“You guys. That’s what you took from all that,” he said. ” … Well my kids are calling. I gotta go.”


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