Teen sentenced for fatally beating older man over catcall

A jealous boyfriend who fatally beat an older man who catcalled his girlfriend on the street last year was sentenced to prison on Thursday.

Branlee Gonzalez, 19, got 1⅓ to four years behind bars for pummeling 69-year-old Lucia Bravo in Inwood in May 2017.

Bravo suffered massive brain trauma, was knocked into a coma and died from his injuries. Another victim was also hurt by the furious fighter.

A disfigured Bravo “died five days [after the attack] without ever regaining consciousness,” prosecutors wrote in court papers.

Gonzalez pleaded guilty to manslaughter and assault on Sept. 6 in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The judge in his case was poised to give him a “youthful offender” deal but eventually backtracked after strong objections by the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

The victim's daughter wrote in a letter to the court that the loss of her father has wrecked their family.

“I will never forget how my father’s face was destroyed by this assault and his life taken this way...I have been living imprisoned in a year of utter sadness and overwhelming emotions,” the woman wrote.