LeBron James sidesteps critics, touts 'White Boy Wednesday' playlist at Lakers practice

LeBron James gleefully let the cat out of the bag on the NBA’s White Boy Wednesdays, dismissing critics he knew he was angering in the process. (AP)
LeBron James gleefully let the cat out of the bag on the NBA’s White Boy Wednesdays, dismissing critics he knew he was angering in the process. (AP)

Here’s sign No. 537 that LeBron James does not care what you think.

When James and the Lakers were wrapping practice on Wednesday, reporters heard Eminem being played when they entered the facility.

One reporter asked James about the music choice. James provided a candid reply.

White Boy Wednesday, of course

“Today’s White Boy Wednesday,” James said, drawing laughter from the media scrum. “Seriously. You’re laughing, but today’s White Boy Wednesday. It’s the only white boy music day, which I enjoy. I love Eminem. But it was more than just Eminem. We had a lot of good music today.”

Lest one think that White Boy Wednesday is a creation of James’, it is apparently not. Lakers beat reporter Mike Trudell reports that White Boy Wednesday was something that existed long before James arrived in L.A. and has a place throughout the NBA.

It’s like Taco Tuesdays, right?

James alluded to as much, circling back on the subject during the media scrum.

“It’s a universal thing, right?” James said, with a smile, per USA Today. “It’s just like Taco Tuesdays. It’s a (expletive) thing. You guys look at me crazy when I said, it like, ‘Oh, (expletive), White Boy Wednesdays.'”

Music can be a touchy subject in locker rooms

Sports locker rooms are generally a mix of several different cultures. With those different cultures come different musical tastes and genres.

When players disagree on music, it can be a flash point for a locker room. Bad things can happen.

NBA players look to involve variety of musical tastes

White Boy Wednesday appears to be tongue-in-cheek agreement among coaches and players in the NBA — a predominantly black league — to feature music produced by white artists during practice and in the locker room.

It’s something of an open secret in NBA circles that helps keeps the peace on the music front, which is good for everyone involved.

James does not care if this makes you mad

It’s also something that said out loud is bound rile up critics offended by the concept of “white boy” music.

James knows that. James doesn’t care. He gleefully talked about White Boy Wednesday fully aware that some people were going to get mad about it.

But most of the people getting mad at James for this were already mad at James — for whatever reason.

At this point in James’ career, he’s more than happy to dismiss those critics.

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