Woman punched by cop during New Jersey beach arrest indicted for aggravated assault on police officer

A female beachgoer who was struck twice by a New Jersey cop during a forcible arrest in May has been indicted on a pair of counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, authorities announced Monday.

Emily Weinman, whose arrest in Wildwood over Memorial Day weekend went viral, also faces charges of resisting arrest, obstruction and throwing bodily fluids.

The 20-year-old had declined a plea deal in July.

She was arrested after police approached her after seeing her near a beer bottle she claimed belonged to her aunt.

She passed two breathalyzer tests but repeatedly declined to provide her last name to the officers and began to leave as a cop continued to question her.

Video of the arrest shows an officer chasing Weinman down before punching her two times while holding her down in the sand and handcuffing her. The cop said Weinman attempted to kick him.

Weinman, who was with her 18-month old daughter at the beach, went on “Good Morning America” after video of her arrest went viral and explained why she didn’t tell police her name.

“Something in my gut was just telling me … something wasn’t right with the situation, and I just knew in my rights that I didn’t have to give them my name due to everything that they did,” she said.

She said on “GMA” that she was spitting sand out of her mouth, not spitting at an officer, in reference to a moment caught on the officer’s body-cam.

The officers involved in the arrest were not charged following an investigation.