Teenager survives 49 days adrift in the Pacific Ocean


A 19-year-old was rescued off the coast of Guam after spending forty-nine days adrift in the Pacific Ocean, reports NBC News.

Aldi Novel Adilang of Indonesia was working a six-month job on a rompong, a small floating fish trap with minimal amenities including a gas stove and weekly food and water deliveries, notes the Jakarta Post.

In mid-July, the tiny floating shack he was living in was unmoored by a storm, leaving him with no control over the rompong’s course and having to live on fish and seawater.

While he signaled at many passing ships over the following weeks, it wasn’t until late August that one noticed and rescued him. It was difficult getting him on the vessel, but once the teenager was safely on board, the crew fed him and gave him water.

He was taken to Japan and soon after returned home to his family.