Suspect arrested in fatal stabbing of D.C. jogger 'avid user' of K2, may have been high during attack, witness says

The 23-year-old man arrested in the fatal stabbing of a newly-engaged D.C. jogger was an "avid user" of K2 and may have been high during the attack, a witness told authorities.

Wendy Martinez, a 35-year-old D.C. professional, was out for a jog in Logan Square just before 8 p.m. Tuesday when she was stabbed seven times in the head, neck, and back.

Authorities released surveillance video of a possible suspect in the case, asking the public for any information on the man recorded wearing a over-sized mustard hoodie near the crime scene. They arrested Anthony Crawford a day later thanks in part to tips prompted by video

One witness, who said he knew the suspect for four years, told authorities he’d seen Crawford sporting the same sweatshirt and recognized him in the footage, according to charging documents cited by WTOP.

“Yeah that’s him walking and he is probably high,” the witness said in reference to the clip.

K2, a synthetic marijuana, can cause “hallucinations, delusions, psychosis, suicidal thoughts and violent behavior,” with physical symptoms including “headaches, nausea and vomiting and severe anxiety,” according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Another witness spotted Crawford at the intersection where Martinez was fatally stabbed ahead of the attack. He appeared to be muttering to himself as the witness continued to walk past him — but a sudden commotion caught the passerby’s attention.

When the witness turned around again, he saw the suspect and victim “physically engaged” in what resembled a wrestling match, according to court documents. Martinez was able to break free from her attacker and ran into a nearby restaurant, where she collapsed.

She was pronounced dead less than a half hour later. Police recovered a knife as well as the mustard-color sweater from the nearby crime scene.

A third witness, a close relative of Crawford’s, recognized the hoodie because it belonged to them. The witness also saw Crawford wearing the over-sized shirt hours before the fatal stabbing.

Police located the suspect at a park on 14th and Girard Wednesday night and brought him in for questioning — the suspect screamed and cried throughout the process and waived his Miranda rights.

“Detectives made no mention of the circumstances of the homicide for which the defendant was being charged,” according to D.C. police officer Alex Vogel, who signed the charging document.

“Defendant stated however that the detectives were accusing him of stabbing an individual in the course of the homicide, and in the specific, ‘a little girl.’”

The officer said it should be noted that Martinez “was a petite female, standing at a mere 5’1” and weighing a mere 106 pounds.”

Crawford appeared in court for this first time Tuesday and is due to return October 11. Authorities are still working to identify the motive in what seemed to be an “unprovoked attack.”