Jogger fatally stabbed in D.C. to be laid to rest in wedding dress

The newly-engaged jogger stabbed to death in Washington, D.C., will be laid to rest in her wedding dress.

Wendy Martinez, 35, became engaged seven days before she was killed near her home — and her mother said she’ll be buried in the recently-purchased wedding gown, according to NBC Washington.

Those seven days were the “happiest of her life,” Wendy’s mother Cora Martinez said, recalling how she and her daughter went dress shopping after the engagement.

“As a mother, I never figured it out that when I saw my daughter in that dress — that she was buying her dress for her burial,” Cora said.

Martinez, the Chief of Staff at a D.C.-based company called FiscalNote, was brutally stabbed Tuesday night while jogging.

After the attack, Martinez was able to stumble into a Chinese eatery before collapsing. She was transported to a nearby hospital and died from her injuries.

Surveillance footage helped cops arrest and charge 23-year-old Anthony Crawford — but his motive was unknown.

“My daughter was a fighter. My daughter was the most beautiful, special, vibrant young girl … very focused on her career, but above all she was a warrior,” Martinez said at Thursday’s press conference.

Cora was proud when cops told her Wendy fought up until the last second.

“That makes us so proud for us to know our girl had the energy, the strength, and the audacity to fight,” Cora said.

Martinez’s fiancé Daniel Hincapie spoke of Wendy’s love for running and how he’d like to keep running in memory of her.

“It’s one of those things that you just don’t expect,” Hincapie said, referring to his fiancé’s death.

“You’re suddenly the happiest man in the world. You’re engaged with the love of your life and suddenly — she’s gone.”