One oddsmaker thinks the Browns are the favorite to trade for Antonio Brown

Would the Steelers really trade Antonio Brown to the Browns? (AP)
Would the Steelers really trade Antonio Brown to the Browns? (AP)

The Cleveland Browns are struggling right now, but help could be on the way. If the Pittsburgh Steelers decide to trade stud wideout Antonio Brown, one oddsmaker believes Cleveland could be the favorite.

Both the Browns and Arizona Cardinals are considered co-favorites for Brown, according to That prediction, however, comes with a catch.

The Steelers are actually massive favorites to retain Brown, according to the oddsmaker. But if he is traded, the Browns and Cardinals have the best odds.

We don’t have to go into all the reasons why Antonio Brown won’t be traded to the Browns, right? First off, Antonio Brown isn’t going anywhere. The Steelers aren’t going to trade away the best receiver in football because he didn’t show up to work Monday.

Plus, there’s this expensive nugget:

Trading Brown would result in the Steelers eating a lot of dead money.

Even in a scenario where the cap issue didn’t exist and Brown’s relationship with the Steelers became irreparable, do you really think Pittsburgh would send him to a division rival? Not a chance.

So, why are the Browns among the favorites then? Well, after trading Josh Gordon to the New England Patriots, they could use another receiver. And given the team’s struggles in recent seasons, they should be able to offer a high first-round pick for Brown.

That’s … probably not enticing enough for the Steelers to trade Brown to the Browns.

But hey, we’re willing to be surprised. If Pittsburgh was really looking to make Brown prove his “trade me, let’s find out” tweet, sending him to the Browns would provide him with one heck of a challenge.

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