'Do your job!' Tom Brady, Josh McDaniels rip Patriots after shaky start

Hey, have you ever heard the Patriots’ team slogan? It’s “Do your job!” Really! Not like that slogan isn’t on every wall of the facility, on every sweatshirt of every Pats fan, and on Bill Belichick’s lips every time he wants to avoid a question about … well, anything.

So it’s no surprise that when the Patriots fell two touchdowns behind the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday afternoon, Tom Brady played teacher’s pet and began lecturing his teammates. One guess what he was screaming. Not only that, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels yelled … something at his team:

Who can read lips? What’s he saying? Anyway, at this point the Jaguars were completely throttling the Patriots in a rematch of last year’s AFC championship. New England doesn’t seem to be handling early adversity well, but we all know they’ve got the ability to rebound if they just … well, you know.

You wouldn’t like Tom Brady when he’s angry. (Getty)
You wouldn’t like Tom Brady when he’s angry. (Getty)

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