This Tom Brady quote about Aaron Rodgers is going viral

Everyone and their mother is slobbering over the play of Aaron Rodgers this morning. The Green Bay Packers star quarterback came back from a knee injury to lead his team to a 20-point comeback against the Chicago Bears in the second half on Sunday night.

Rodgers, who looked to have suffered a serious injury in the first half, came back in the third quarter and played incredibly. He threw three touchdown passes on way to the 24-23 victory.

Praise for Rodgers is coming from everyone this morning, but one quote about the quarterback’s ability stands out the most. It’s from Tom Brady.

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Brady, according to ESPN’s Ian O’Connor, once told an NFL coach Rodgers would throw for “7,000 yards” a season. Brady says Rodgers is much more talented than he is.

“He’d throw for 7,000 yards every year. He’s so much more talented than me,” Brady reportedly said.

Maybe we’ll get to see Brady and Rodgers facing each other in the Super Bowl this year. Packers-Patriots has been a popular prediction among analysts.

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