Gov. Cuomo gets endorsement of nation's largest gun control group

Gov. Cuomo’s reelection bid got a boost Saturday from the nation’s largest gun control group.

Everytown for Gun Safety endorsed Cuomo during a campaign event on Long Island.

He was also endorsed by the father of a Parkland student killed in February.

Fred Guttenberg, who attempted to shake the hand of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, this week said reducing gun violence should be on everyone’s minds when they go to vote in coming weeks.

“This vote this year is everything on this issue,” Guttenberg said at the rally.

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“Everytown is proud to endorse Governor Cuomo, who doesn’t just talk big about gun safety—he delivers big results in the form of life-saving gun laws,” John Feinblatt, the president of Everytown for Gun Safety, said. “Thanks to his leadership, New York is on the frontlines of the charge to keep firearms away from people with dangerous histories.”

Cuomo boasted about the passage of the SAFE Act, a package of gun control measures passed in the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in neighboring Connecticut.

“New York will never back down in the fight to end gun violence and keep the people of this state safe,” Cuomo said. ”This is a national crisis. We have a chronic plague of mass murders. And it’s getting worse. It’s getting worse.”

Cuomo has sparked the ire of the National Rifle Association after he took action against “Carry Guard,” a program that provides liability insurance for policy holders involved in shooting incidents.

The gun lobby group sued the governor last month, complaining that it will have to close its headquarters, shut down its online television programs and stop holding rallies and conventions if it is stymied by the state from doing business with banks and insurers.

He vowed Saturday to continue his fight against the NRA and the Trump administration.

“While Trump, the NRA and Washington Republicans do nothing, New York will continue to lead the way and build on our nation-leading gun safety laws,” he said. “We’re going to pass the Red Flag Gun Protection bill, extend the background check waiting period to ten days and raise the age for purchasing a gun to 21. It’s past time for Washington to put people before politics and we are going to show the nation the way forward in New York. I’m thankful for Everytown’s support.”