Cop Tasered an 11-year-old shoplifter and told her 'this is why there's no grocery stores in the black community'


A police official is defending the Cincinnati cop who Tased an 11-year-old accused of shoplifting and later told the girl, "this is why there are no grocery stores in the black community.”

Officer Kevin Brown reportedly found the girl shoplifting from a Kroger on Aug. 6. After she attempted to run, he used a Taser on her.

Video released this week does not show the footage of Brown Tasering the girl, but it does reveal him lecturing her after the incident.

“That hurt my heart to do that to you,” Brown — who was working off-duty security at the time — says in the footage.

"You know, sweetheart, this is why there are no grocery stores in the black community, because all this is going on," Brown said.

The shoplifting charges against the girl were dropped.

Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police President Dan Hils defended Brown’s lecture.

"This was nothing more than an African-American police officer talking to the girl in a fatherly way," Hils told WKRC-TV.

Police Chief Eliot Isaac said that Brown violated several policies – and that Tasers shouldn’t be used on people who are simply fleeing.

Isaac believes the department’s use-of-force policy is “very solid.”

Some members of Cincinnati City Council have told the Cincinnati Enquirer that Brown should be fired, with one council member calling the officer’s comments “completely deplorable and unacceptable.”