Poll: Americans don't want Canada left out of Trump's NAFTA deal

President Trump is threatening to leave Canada out of the new NAFTA agreement, but a new poll shows many Americans want it to be included.

According to a Axios/SurveyMonkey poll, 50 percent of Americans are in favor of Trump’s new NAFTA proposal, but 49 percent support it if Canada is on board.

The current agreement on trade is between the U.S, Canada and Mexico. It has been in place since 1994. Trump continually bashes the deal on Twitter.

Last week, Trump was optimistic: “I think Canada wants to make the deal… and it’s going to be good for Canada… its not going to be good at all if they don’t.”

According to the poll, Trump’s approval rating is almost exactly the same as what Americans think of his trade policy: 44 percent.

His support from Republicans is growing, with 60 percent in favor of his approach to trade.

Still the Democrats say he’s slacking. Only 19 percent say they would support the NAFTA deal without Canada.

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