LeSean McCoy eligible to play in Bills' season opener

LeSean McCoy remains active for the regular season. (AP)
LeSean McCoy remains active for the regular season. (AP)

LeSean McCoy remains eligible to participate in the Buffalo Bills’ season opener and has not been named to the commissioner’s exempt list in connection with a domestic violence allegation. Police are investigating an alleged break-in and assault on McCoy’s former girlfriend, who has named McCoy and an associate in a liability lawsuit related to the crime.

Allegations against McCoy

Delicia Cordon had lived with McCoy in the Atlanta suburb of Milton for several months, but in July 2018, Cordon says she was assaulted in the home shortly after McCoy demanded she move out. Cordon’s attorney says the intruder entered the home without any signs of forced entry, and demanded from Cordon several items of jewelry that McCoy had sought. According to the attorney, the intruder then struck Cordon several times with a gun.

Without alleging the identity of the intruder, Cordon named McCoy and an associate, Tamarcus Jerod Porter, in a lawsuit over liability for the assault. McCoy, the lawsuit indicated, ordered Porter to make changes to the house’s security system without informing Cordon.

Police have not yet filed charges against McCoy or anyone else in the matter. McCoy has denied any involvement in the case.

How the commissioner’s exempt list works

Commissioner Roger Goodell has the power to suspend, with pay, any player suspected or charged in connection with a violent crime, or, as the Washington Post notes, “engaged in other conduct that poses a genuine danger to the safety or well-being of another person.” The exempt list came into play in 2014 when Goodell suspended both Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy for their involvement in domestic violence incidents.

At the moment, however, McCoy is not on the list. “There’s been no change to his status,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told the Post. That could change in the coming weeks if more information comes to light.

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