Trump: Tiger Woods ‘showed great class’ in answering question about me

President Trump has commended Tiger Woods for showing “great class” after the golfer refused to speak negatively about him, instead saying, “We all must respect the office.”

Trump tweeted Sunday: “Tiger Woods showed great class in the way he answered the question about the Office of the Presidency and me. Now they say the so-called ‘left’ is angry at him. So sad, but the ‘center & right’ loves Tiger, Kanye, George Foreman, Jim Brown & so many other greats, even more.”

“The fact is that African/American unemployment is now the lowest in the history of our country. Same with Asian, Hispanic and almost every other group. The Democrats have been all talk and no action. My Administration has already produced like no other, and everyone sees it!” the president added.

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Trump’s posts come a week after Woods commented on the president following a New Jersey golf tournament, saying, “Well, I’ve known Donald for a number of years. We’ve played golf together. We’ve had dinner together. I’ve known him pre-presidency and obviously during his presidency.”

“He’s the President of the United States. You have to respect the office. No matter who is in the office, you may like, dislike personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office,” Woods added.

Soon after, the president took to Twitter to praise Woods, writing, “The Fake News Media worked hard to get Tiger Woods to say something that he didn’t want to say. Tiger wouldn’t play the game – he is very smart. More importantly, he is playing great golf again!”