Trump backers blast treatment of Ivanka and Jared at McCain’s memorial service

Some supporters of President Trump are speaking out about an alleged lack of regard given to Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner during Arizona Senator John McCain’s memorial service in D.C. on Saturday.

According to Politico, there have been complaints about their seating position within the Washington National Cathedral, with former Trump aide Sam Nunberg saying, “It was a very nice gesture by Jared and Ivanka to attend. I find it contemptible that the McCain family couldn’t seat them in a better, more respectable section.”

They were reportedly seated in a section with other members of the current administration including chief of staff John Kelly and national security adviser John Bolton as well as former White House officials like John Kerry who was Secretary of State under President Obama.

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The Politico piece also states that “Trump’s allies groused about Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s presence at an event that portrayed the president in such a negative light, with one person calling their attendance a ‘huge mistake.’”

In fact, their very presence was questioned given the lack of invitation extended to President Trump himself.

However, the New York Times’ Katie Rogers shed some light on the situation, tweeting: “Ivanka Trump was asked to attend the funeral by @LindseyGrahamSC when they met on Capitol Hill earlier this week and she shared her condolences, per a White House official. Graham said it would be a nice gesture for Ivanka & Jared to attend, but cleared it w/ Cindy McCain first.”