Al Sharpton absolutely shreds Trump at Aretha Franklin's funeral

The Rev. Al Sharpton hit back at President Donald Trump for his comments following the death of legendary singer Aretha Franklin.

The MSNBC host and civil rights advocate was one of several speakers at Franklin’s funeral in Detroit on Friday. As he spoke in front of a crowd filled with the late icon’s family and friends, as well as celebrities and politicians, Sharpton poked fun at himself for misspelling “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” on his Sunday TV show earlier this month.

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“You know the other Sunday on my show, I misspelled ‘respect,’ and a lot of y’all corrected me,” he joked. “Now I want y’all to help me correct President Trump to teach him what it means.”

Funeral attendees started cheering, and many rose to their feet.

“And I say that because when word went out that Ms. Franklin passed, Trump said, ‘she used to work for me,’” Sharpton continued. “No, she used to perform for you. She worked for us. Aretha never took orders from nobody but God.”

Take a look at Sharpton’s searing response in the video above, and the remarks he read on behalf of President Barack Obama in the video below.

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