Minnesota House candidate calls himself the N-word in campaign ad

An organic farmer running for a state House seat in Minnesota called himself the N-word in a campaign video posted online.

Kyle Greene, who’s running as an independent, posted a 30-second video on his website and Facebook, urging voters to elect him to office.

“I want to be your state representative, I want to be your public servant and I want to be your (N-word),” Greene says at the end of the ad.

The video has about 13,000 views on Facebook, as of Thursday evening.

Greene, who identifies as African-American, white and Cherokee Indian,” said he included the slur so voters focus on more important issues.

“We need to unify as a society, and we need to stop dealing with trivial matters,” he told the Minnesota Star-Tribune. “The word...is part of the American history, regardless of the race. ... It’s part of my history.”

On his campaign website, Greene cites his belief that “the people are in control their government, and the government is not to control its people.”