Kirk Cousins couldn't get anyone in his family to answer the phone after landing an $84 million contract, so he called an AAA employee

  • Kirk Cousins agreed to a three-year, $84 million contract with the Minnesota Vikings in the offseason.

  • As shown in Cousins' free agency documentary, after agreeing to the deal, he tried calling his wife and family, but they didn't answer the phone.

  • Cousins decided to call an AAA employee he had spoken to earlier in the documentary who had asked about where Cousins would land.

After Kirk Cousins agreed to a massive and historic three-year, $84 million fully guaranteed contract with the Minnesota Vikings this offseason, he couldn't get ahold of anyone to tell them the news.

As documented in his free agency documentary, Cousins tried calling his wife, mother, and sister to tell them about the agreement, but none of them answered.

So Cousins instead turned to an AAA employee he'd spoken to earlier in the documentary about who had asked Cousins where he was signing. The employee had told Cousins to "go get that money."

"I wanted to call you and tell you that I did sign my contract today, as you instructed me to," Cousins told the employee, James, on the phone.

"We signed with the Vikings. We got a favorable deal. I think both sides are happy with it," Cousins reported to James, who congratulated him.

Cousins later got in touch with his wife and family.

The documentary also showed the Cousins left some money on the table for a better fit. The New York Jets were willing to offer a three-year, $90 million guaranteed contract. Cousins and his agent got the news fairly early and wanted to use the offer to bring up other teams' offers. The Vikings were initially offering $25 million per year but moved up to $28 million, which Cousins agreed to.

The full documentary can be seen here >

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