Read the harrowing tweets Jacksonville shooting victim sent from the scene

One of the gamers wounded in Sunday’s mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida sent a series of harrowing tweets from the scene as shots rang out around him.

At least two people were killed by the gunman, who then killed himself during the attack on a video game tournament.

Eleven others were injured, including gamer Drini Gjoka, who was grazed in the hand by a bullet. Early in the day, Gjoka thanked his YouTube followers and optimistically reported his progress in the Madden ’19 championship series tournament:

Just 15 minutes later, the 18-year-old gamer reported the shooting:


Last year, Gjoka became the youngest-ever winner of an EA Sports Madden NFL Championship Series belt. He told EA Sports at the time that he hoped to become a professional Madden NFL gamer.

See photos from the scene of the shooting:

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