Homeless veteran says couple won't give him roughly $200K of GoFundMe cash raised to help him

A homeless veteran who went viral last October after giving a stranger his last $20 to fill up her car’s gas tank is once again panhandling on the streets of Philadelphia and claims he has no access to the money raised for him on GoFundMe.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Johnny Bobbitt says that the motorist, Kate McClure, and her boyfriend Mark D’Amico, started the GoFundMe to help Bobbitt secure a home, raising $400,000

While the couple has given him around half the money donated by thousands of people, Bobbit claims they are withholding roughly $200,000 and fears they may have squandered it.

The Inquirer reports that while Bobbit and the couple initially had a warm relationship, it has since deteriorated, with the possibility of the two sides heading to court.

D’Amico said he controls the money in an interview with the Inquirer, and will start to redistribute the remaining cash when Bobbitt gets a job and stops using drugs, claiming that giving the money to an addicts would be like quote, "giving him a loaded gun."

While GoFundMe is investigating the management of the money, D’Amico and McClure insist they did nothing wrong, with Bobbitt telling the Inquirer panhandling for food and drugs is better than trying to squeeze money from the couple.

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