York Space Systems aims to slash cost of sending satellites into space from $10 million to just $3 million


Collecting data in outer space ain't easy — or cheap.

The mission of York Space Systems is to improve affordability and reliability for space innovation in order to transform and enable next-generation space mission operations worldwide.

According to the organization's website, it is currently "one of the most innovative aerospace companies, specializing in the manufacture of spacecraft platforms, end-to-end customer space collection solutions, cloud-based spacecraft development tools, and real-time web-based mission tasking."

York Space Systems has plans to launch several satellites over the next year using a type of so-called "space bus" called the "S-Satellite," which costs significantly less to launch than traditional satellites.

The company's goal is to ultimately reduce the cost of launching a satellite by more than 50 percent — from $10 million down to just $3 or $4 million per launch.

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