Aquarium offers sanctuary to Paris' unwanted goldfish

PARIS, Aug 21 (Reuters) - Life can look pretty grim for a pet goldfish: a lifetime cooped up in a small glass bowl and, for the most unlucky, a final journey through filth-filled sewers.

But for goldfish in Paris, salvation is at hand. The Paris Aquarium is offering sanctuary to those goldfish who have outlived their cramped quarters and outlasted their owner's affection.

Emie Lefouest decided she could no longer offer Luiz-Pablo a decent quality of life in his goldfish bowl.

"I am quite attached to him but I said to myself that two years is enough and it's now time for him to move on and live like a goldfish should," Lefouest said.

An aquarium worker transferred Luiz-Pablo to a holding tank where his health will be monitored for 40 days before he is introduced to the aquarium's main display tanks.

The Aquarium hopes to raise awareness on animal welfare.

In two years, the aquarium has given over 600 goldfish a new lease of life in the luxury of large, oxygenated tanks with clean water and regular feeding.

"A goldfish in a bowl will live, on average, two or three years if the water is changed regularly. A goldfish's lifespan averages about 20 years if it lives in good conditions," said biologist Celine Bezault.

(Reporting by Reuters TV; writing by Richard Lough. Editing by Patrick Johnston)