Twitter pummels Rudy Giuliani after he declares 'Truth isn't truth'

Rudy Giuliani’s stunning declaration on NBC Sunday that “truth isn’t truth” as he discussed his fears about special counsel Robert Mueller interviewing President Donald Trump galvanized a furious army of critics on Twitter.

Giuliani was warned about the fallout a statement like that could cause. “Mr. Mayor, do you realize ... this is going to become a bad meme,” noted 'Meet The Press' host Chuck Todd.

Politicians, former FBI director James Comey, author Steven King, journalist Dan Rather and legendary chess champ and activist Garry Kasparov joined thousands across the country who weighed in on Giuliani’s attack on truth.

Even William Shakespeare was drafted into the fray in a tweet that quoted his “Measure for Measure” line: “Truth is truth ’til the end of reckoning.”

Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara had a funnier take. “Truth isn’t truth. Try that one with a jury,” he quipped in a tweet.

Former FBI director James Comey declared: “Truth exists and truth matters. If we are untethered to truth, our justice system cannot function and a society based on the rule of law dissolves.”

King ripped Giuliani as a “rat” thriving in the swamp that Trump had promised to drain, and Rather saw his incredible statement as something that will transfix historians in the future.

Some on Twitter took Giuliani’s declaration as part of a desperate strategy of a lawyer seriously concerned about his client’s legal risk.

Several tweets said Giuliani’s statement reeked of something an autocrat would say. And countless tweets said “truth isn’t truth” was chillingly evocative of George Orwell’s gruesome dystopian novel 1984, in which the “Ministry of Truth” replaces facts with lies.

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