Lavar Ball knew LiAngelo Ball was unlikely to be picked in the NBA draft

Lavar Ball was aware there was a slim chance LiAngelo Ball would be drafted. (AP Photo)
Lavar Ball was aware there was a slim chance LiAngelo Ball would be drafted. (AP Photo)

Lavar Ball doesn’t lack for confidence. That’s kind of his thing. Despite many expressing doubt about LiAngelo Ball being selected in the NBA draft, Lavar remained defiant. He even went so far as to call LiAngelo one of the best guards in the draft.

While that was the public face Lavar Ball put on, the truth is he knew there was a slim chance for LiAngelo to be selected.

Lavar Ball knew LiAngelo Ball probably wouldn’t be picked in NBA draft

Lavar and LiAngelo were informed by their agent prior to the draft that LiAngelo wasn’t seriously being considered by many teams. That information was revealed during “Ball In the Family” on Sunday.

The relevant part of the video begins around 8:55.

The agent told Lavar and LiAngelo that the only realistic shot at getting picked was probably “Phoenix at 59.” He then added, “Besides that, I think it’s going to be tough.”

Lavar Ball probably made the right decision to keep LiAngelo Ball in the NBA draft

After giving Lavar and LiAngelo the news, the agent asks whether they want to keep LiAngelo in the draft. Lavar responds by saying, “I think if we go back and wait until next year, what’s really going to change?” Lavar points out that LiAngelo would be a year older, which would only hurt his draft stock.

While it’s easy to be critical of the move, there was probably no harm in giving it a shot. If LiAngelo wasn’t much of a prospect at 19, he’s probably not going to be viewed as much better a year later. It wasn’t worth delaying the inevitable.

LiAngelo Ball still trying to make the NBA after going un-drafted

As expected, LiAngelo Ball went un-drafted. But that’s not going to stop him from trying to catch on with a team. After no one showed interest, LiAngelo Ball announced he would play for the Los Angeles Ballers in Lavar’s JBA.

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