Eric Trump loses it over what he apparently thinks is 'nazi salute' photo of dad

Eric Trump posted a furious tweet Friday slamming Reuters for running a photo of the president waving in a way that the second son apparently thought resembled a Nazi salute.

The photo shows President Donald Trump waving a greeting with his familiar straight-arm gesture as he arrived in upstate New York last week, according to the caption. The photo accompanied a story on the cancellation of Trump’s planned military parade this year because costs are too high.

Eric Trump slammed the “hatefulness” and “disgusting antics” of the “MSM” — mainstream media — for using a photo that he said exposes media “propaganda.” He offered no other specifics.

His tweet became especially confounding because Reuters later swapped out the photo to use one instead showing the president observing an Army exercise involving helicopters. It wasn’t clear if the photo had been changed because of Eric Trump’s objections. Reuters could not immediately be reached for comment.

Most responses on Twitter expressed confusion and became even foggier after the photo accompanying the tweet changed. Some saw what Eric spotted in the image.

Last year the president praised former CNN pundit Jeffrey Lord after he was fired for posting “Sieg Heil” on Twitter. Trump called him a “good man.”

“Hi, Jeffrey. The great Jeffrey Lord,” Trump called out at a speech in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that Lord apparently attended. “He was on fake news CNN for a long time. He was one of my few sources of truth. Thank you, Jeffrey, for being here. That’s a great honor.”

Lord, a Trump supporter, claimed his tweet was mocking fascists.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.