Omarosa has enough secret tapes for a 'White House Greatest Hits Box Set,' friend says

Omarosa Manigault Newman may have many more secret tapes supporting claims she makes in her new book, "Unhinged."

One of her close friends, culture journalist Jawn Murray, said "she has enough audio for a White House greatest hits box set,” according to the New York Daily News.

“When you work in a place full of lies and poisonous politics — a place that has been dismissive of every other person who worked there and reduced them to coffee boys and errand people — it's no wonder she chronicled things,” Murray said, according to the Daily News.

The White House is fighting back, threatening to sue Manigault Newman to enforce a nondisclosure agreement she signed while working with the Trump campaign.

According to the NDA, Manigault Newman agreed “not to demean or disparage publicly in any form Mr. Trump ... or any family member.”

As Manigault Newman makes her way around various shows to promote her book, the White House is conducting its own media blitz. Staffer Lynne Patton called Manigault Newman a "disgruntled employee” on "Anderson Cooper 360" Tuesday night.

“The president gave Omarosa a second chance and a third chance, and now she has none left,” Patton said.

Former Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson defended the president's tweet this week calling the former “Apprentice” star “a dog.”

She said on Fox News that “Omarosa bit the hand that fed her. To me, that is a dog.”

Meanwhile, Larry Pfeiffer, the former senior director of the Situation Room, where at least one of the released tapes was made, spoke to Inside Edition, saying it is a mystery how a recording device was allowed to get into the highly secure room.

“The only thing I can think of was that perhaps she was using some sort of device that did not transmit any electronic emissions. It wasn't a phone or an iPad but a small just recording device that was not as immediately detectable,” he said. “They're tearing that place apart and reviewing their procedures to make sure they can minimize the risk of it happening again.”


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