Matthew Stafford's wife on Jalen Ramsey's comments: 'A complete waste of time and space'

Kelly Stafford, wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, holds the couple's twins Sawyer, left, and Chandler before a game last season. (AP)
Kelly Stafford, wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, holds the couple’s twins before a game last season. (AP)

And to think, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford didn’t even get the worst of Jalen Ramsey’s rant.

The entire NFL seemed to be talking about an interview the Jacksonville Jaguars All-Pro cornerback did with GQ magazine, mostly because he name-checked just about every quarterback in the league. And Stafford’s wife wasn’t pleased that her husband’s name was part of his rundown.

Here’s what Ramsey had to say about Stafford, to GQ: “Matthew Stafford, I think he’s straight. I don’t think he the best quarterback out there. But he do what he gotta do.”

Not bad, especially compared to Ramsey saying Josh Allen is “trash” and Joe Flacco “sucks.” But it still got a response from Kelly Stafford.

What did Matthew Stafford’s wife say about Jalen Ramsey?

Kelly Stafford is one of the more well-known wives among NFL quarterbacks. She is active on social media. She’ll defend Matthew Stafford at times.

While we figured some of the quarterbacks, or perhaps their teammates, would go back at Ramsey, it was an upset that a quarterback’s wife was the one with the strongest comments to the Jaguars cornerback.

Here’s what she said, according to Kyle Meinke of the MLive Media Group:

One might say there isn’t much that’s “GQ” about Stafford either, unless backward baseball hats really get back into style. And really, given how Ramsey was letting it fly, Stafford got off pretty easy. Still, it was pretty entertaining to see someone enter the ring with Ramsey, the NFL’s newest king of trash talk.

Stafford’s wife one of the few to publicly respond

It seems everyone wants to leave Ramsey’s alone, or perhaps some players are just formulating a response. Josh Allen avoided saying anything. Eli Manning responded with a funny “Who?” But there’s no Drake vs. Pusha-T level beef yet with anyone and Ramsey yet. Here’s hoping, though.

But who knew Stafford’s wife would be the first one to really call Ramsey out?

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