'Fox & Friends' co-host remembers U.S. defeat of 'Communist Japan' in World War II

“Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt had a bit of historical amnesia on Thursday as she recalled great moments in U.S. history like our defeat of “communist Japan” in World War II.

“We defeated communist Japan, radical Islamists. We ask our men and our women to go overseas to fight for our country and sacrifice so much for this great country so we can be the land of the free, the land of the brave,” she said.

“We’re the most generous country in all of the world. Yes, we have our faults, but because of this country, our world is definitely a better place. We are great.”

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Unfortunately for Earhardt, her classification of Japan is incorrect. World War II Japan was not a Communist country but was a fascist military dictatorship presided over by Emperor Hirohito. In fact, to defeat Japan and its allies in Nazi Germany, the United States famously joined forces with the Soviet Union, a communist country.

Earhardt’s co-host Steve Doocy did his best to gloss over the moment.

“Yep,” he said. “Communism and Japan and so many other things as well.”

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The conversation of America’s greatness came after remarks from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that questioned America’s greatness in the world.

“We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great,” Cuomo told an audience earlier this week. “We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged.”

“We will reach greatness when discrimination and stereotyping of women, 51 percent of our population, is gone, and every woman’s full potential is realized and unleashed and every woman is making her full contribution,” he added.

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It’s been a busy week of Earhardt flubs. On Wednesday, the host was forced to apologize after calling Vermont’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate Christine Hallquist “that transgender.”

Hallquist became the first trans woman to ever receive a gubernatorial nomination from a major party after she won her primary on Tuesday.

“I was responding to the reporter’s comments when I moved too quickly and couldn’t recall Christine Hallquist’s name,” said Earhardt in an exclusive statement to TheWrap. “As a person of faith, I sincerely promise I never ever meant anything derogatory and I am sorry it may have come off that way.”

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