South Carolina baby can't get enough of hearing deployed dad's voice through stuffed doll

In a sweet moment captured on video, a 6-month-old baby boy was more than happy to see his military dad in stuffed doll form.

Deanna Briscoe, 23, of Summerville, South Carolina, said her husband, Chase Briscoe, has been deployed since May, but they make sure their son, Nathan, talks his dad on FaceTime often and knows his voice.

“Chase and Nathan have this crazy special bond,” Deanna told

Before Chase was deployed, he used to tuck in his son in each night and after he left for Army duty in Poland, the baby stopped sleeping.

“He would just cry and cry and cry,” Deanna said. “We didn’t know why he wasn’t sleeping apart from my husband was gone.”

Then the mom came up with a solution. She bought her son a “daddy doll,” which are plush toys made for military families. The custom doll can be made with any image and voice note.

So Deanna had an image of her husband in his Army uniform printed on the doll. She also had her husband record the words, “Nathan, Daddy loves you. I’ll be home soon.”

“As soon as we got the doll, we definitely noticed a difference,” Deanna said. “It had his dad’s voice inside of it and we play it for him every night before he goes to sleep and when he’s fussy."

Deanna also puts the doll in Nathan’s crib with him while he sleeps.

The mom said she wants to make sure Nathan recognizes his dad when he returns from deployment next March.

“I want him to be like, ‘OK, that’s my dad’ when we go and see him for the firs time at homecoming,” Briscoe added.

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