Program aims to help young scientists conduct experiments in space

Many children grow up wanting to be astronauts — but without encouragement or opportunities to explore the field, some may feel discouraged and give up on their celestial hopes and dreams.  

One company is hoping to fix that by giving students a means to conduct their very own experiments in outer space. 

Enterprise in Space (EIS) is an educational program geared towards enabling young adults and students to research and contribute to space exploration.

Budding scientists who work with the organization will be able to send their experiments into space aboard a vehicle known as the NSS Enterprise orbiter, which is capable of holding up to 100 projects at a time.

The organization created the orbiter as a way to allow youths from all over the world to explore the way a space environment affects different technologies and even living organisms, such as small plants.

EIS says it hopes that by encouraging children to pursue their scientific interests, it can help bring about a new generation of driven researchers who will inevitably shape our future.

"This is a team effort between leading scientists, engineers, and educators who want to see our youth aspire to learn more about the world around them," said Dr. Amir Caspi, a Chief Scientist at EIS. "Imagine being 12-years-old and literally making your mark in space? For EIS, that's a dream come true."

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