7-year-old Missouri boy severely burned after another boy allegedly lit him on fire

7-year-old Julien Sandlin was rushed to the hospital with severe burns after a child doused him in fingernail polish remover and lit him on fire, his mother told Fox 4KC.

Ashley Lyons says a 8-year-old boy who lives at the complex was behind the attack on her son. The incident occurred on August 6th at the Hawthorne Place Apartment Complex in Independence.

Besides his face, doctors say that Julien’s internal organs were impacted after he inhaled some of the flames.

Lyons says, “It will take three to six months to find out if the lungs could still collapse, if we're going to have to do skin grafts.”

She also claims the apartment complex has the “highest crime rate in Independence,” although police say they have added officers and cameras to prevent crime.

Lyon’s has set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical bills and move into safer housing.