Photos of Tiger Woods' girlfriend went viral at The Open

Tiger Woods was in contention of a major again on Sunday. The 14-time major champion, who was in sole possession of the lead at The Open last month, was just a couple of strokes back at the PGA Championship.

Woods, 42, appears to be back in championship-contending form, even if he didn't come away with a major championship win today.

The 14-time major champion teed off in one of the final groups this afternoon. For a while, it looked like he had a good shot at winning the tournament.

That was also the case at The Open last month, when Woods led on the back nine before eventually finishing a couple of strokes behind first place.

Woods went viral for a couple of reasons at The Open. Of course, his play had everyone talking, but so did his support team.

Erica Herman, the girlfriend of Woods, was there supporting him with his children. She comforted Woods after his final hole at The Open.

Woods talked after The Open about how great it was for his family to be there supporting him.

“I told them I tried, and I said, ‘Hopefully you’re proud of your Pops for trying as hard as I did.’ It’s pretty emotional, because they gave me some pretty significant hugs there and squeezed. I know that they know how much this championship means to me, and how much it feels good to be back playing again.

“To me, it’s just so special to have them aware, because I’ve won a lot of golf tournaments in my career, but they don’t remember any of them. The only thing they’ve seen is my struggles and the pain I was going through. Now they just want to go play soccer with me. It’s such a great feeling.”

They should be proud of him again today.

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