Teen son of California police chief arrested in attack of 71-year-old Sikh man

The son of a police chief in California was arrested Wednesday in the attack of a 71-year-old Sikh man.

Tyrone McAllister, the son of Union City top cop Darryl McAllister, was hit with multiple charges, including elder abuse and assault, following the beating of Sahib Singh in Manteca two days earlier.

The police chief, who worked with Monteca cops to find his 18-year-old son, said his family is "shaken to the core."

"Words can barely describe how embarrassed, dejected, and hurt my wife, daughters, and I feel right now," McAllister wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. "Violence and hatred is not what we have taught our children; intolerance for others is not even in our vocabulary, let alone our values. Crime has never been an element of our household, our values, nor the character to which we hold ourselves."

A 16-year-old boy was also arrested.

Surveillance video shows Singh being approached by two people in hoodies. The suspects appear to talk him briefly before one kicks him in the chest, knocking him to the ground. He tries to defend himself when one of the attackers kicks him again, again knocking him down. Singh is kicked several more times and he is spit on before his attackers leave. His turban fell off during the assault.

Cops said the motive for the attack appeared to be robbery.

Darryl McAllister said that his son had been estranged from the family for several months. He said his son began running away and getting into trouble about two years ago and spent several months in juvenile hall and later, as an adult, another three months in jail.

"It's difficult for us to comprehend how one of three kids who grew up with the same parents, under the same roof, with the same rules and same values and character could wander so far astray," the police chief wrote on Facebook. "We simply don't know why, or how we got here."

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