Aaron Rodgers laments 'piss-poor' performance of young receivers at Packers practice

The Green Bay Packers released long-time wide receiver Jordy Nelson in March.

In April, a report surfaced that quarterback Aaron Rodgers was frustrated with Packers management for being left out of the loop on key personnel decisions with Nelson’s departure being a specific source of discontent.

Aaron Rodgers lays into scout-team receivers: ‘Piss poor’

On Tuesday, Rodgers blasted a group of young Packers wide receivers for their effort during a scout team practice card session, where each player sees his assignment on a card in the huddle before the play. Players apparently weren’t running correct routes.

“It was one of the worst card sessions we’ve had,” Rodgers said, via USA Today. “I don’t know how you can make it any simpler. You literally have what the play would be in our terminology on the card, and the effort level was very low. Especially with what I’m accustomed to. I’ve been running that period for a number of years.

“So it’s not a good start for us on the card period for the young guys.”

Rodgers went on to note that Geronimo Allison, Jake Kumerow and DeAngelo Yancey didn’t screw up, effectively calling out the rest of the scout receivers by name.

“Everybody else was kind of piss poor.”

Aaron Rodgers was very specific with criticism of what he deemed as low effort from some wide receivers at Packers practice. (AP)
Aaron Rodgers was very specific with criticism of what he deemed as low effort from some wide receivers at Packers practice. (AP)

Veteran starters Davante Adams and Randall Cobb were not part of the group Rodgers was criticizing.

Rodgers was working with the scout team against the first-team defense, presumably to challenge the defense and build some chemistry with the younger players.

Jake Kumerow getting glowing reviews from Rodgers

It hasn’t been all negative training camp reviews for Rodgers. This is the second time Rodgers he’s called out Kumerow, an undrafted rookie out of Wisconsin-Whitewater, for the good things he’s done on the field.

“Jake Kumerow is undrafted. And we drafted three guys,” Rodgers said last week. “If you’re playing today, you’d like him on the field.”

Message for management?

While Nelson’s gone, and none of the the scout team receivers are going to fill his void, Rodgers does appear to be taking an opportunity to have a dialogue with Packers management through the media.

“I’m pretty specific with the people I highlight,” Rodgers said Tuesday. “And it’s for a reason.”

If Green Bay management isn’t going to consult Rodgers on roster moves, he appears intent on making his voice heard one way or another.

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