Carr Fire Reportedly Started By Sparks After Flat Tire

The devastating Carr fire that has torched more than 130,000 acres in Northern California was reportedly started, in part, by a flat tire.

According to CNN, officials have indicated that the fire was ignited by sparks shooting out from the rim of a trailer wheel hitting asphalt after the tire went flat.

That mechanical failure on July 23 has since led to one of the most destructive and deadly fires in California history, with at least six fatalities and around 1,000 homes lost.

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Adding to the intensity of the fire was a swirl of flames that whipped through the area at a tornado-like speed of 143 miles an hour.

Despite the efforts of more than 4,000 firefighters, just over a third of the blaze had been contained as of Friday night.

High winds, hot temperatures, and dry vegetation are continuing to fuel the flames and make a challenging situation even more difficult.