Father reportedly killed his son and left siblings to bury him so he could watch football

An Australian dad allegedly killed his son and then had his other children bury his body while he went to a football game.

ABC News in Australia reports 67-year-old Ernest Albert Fisher from was found guilty of murdering his 23-year-old son Matthew Fisher-Turner.

The two apparently got into an argument over using the family car to go to the Australian Football League Final. News.com.au reports it was then that Fisher stabbed Turner in his aorta and lung.

Fisher allegedly had his two other children, 21-year-old Hannah Jayde Fisher-Turner and 28-year-old Joshua Douglas Fisher finish burying his son when he left to watch the AFL Grand Final.

In court, Justice Stephen Hall said that Fisher did not seem emotionally affected by the event, mentioning that he even tried to sell his sons car for his own benefit.

Newsweek reported that Fisher admitted to killing his son saying “I think I’ve done the right thing, I really do, in a twisted way.”

Ernest was sentenced to at least 18 years in jail, Joshua received four years and Hannah received three years and eight months.