Supermarket employee makes 'miracle' moment happen for a teen with autism

Jack Ryan doesn’t work at this supermarket, but a kind-hearted employee still let the 17-year-old who has autism help stock the shelves.

Jack took an interest in how Rouse's supermarket worker Jordan Taylor was filling the refrigerator with juice and milk cartons, and Jordan worked with him for over 30 minutes to teach him the new skill.

Jack’s family says he is not very verbal, but they watched in wonder at this heartwarming interaction.

In a blog post on Love What Matters, Jack's brother Delaney says "instead of ignoring him or making an excuse as to why he couldn’t help," Jordan allowed Jack to be a part of it "and didn’t stop until Jack was satisfied."

The friendly customer service, they say, was an act of pure kindness, and one they will not soon forget. "That’s pure, raw selflessness," Delaney says. "Let’s find out who ‘Jordan’ at Rouse’s on Drusilla is and hook him up with something awesome."

In fact the family has started a Gofundme page to help raise money to send Jack's new friend Jordan, who loves math and may want to be a teacher one day, to college.