New poll has Biden leading Trump in potential 2020 presidential match-up


If the 2020 Presidential election were held today, Former Vice President Joe Biden would be leading President Trump in the polls.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll taken from 1,993 registered voters between July 26th and July 29th gave a seven percent lead to Biden.

Of the registered voters, 44 percent said they would choose Biden in the 2020 election while 37 percent said they would vote for Trump.

Biden made a run at the presidency in 1988 and 2008 and has said himself that he hasn’t ruled out a third attempt, according to Politico.

Although interestingly, 89 percent of Democrats said they would vote for a generic Democrat over Trump compared to the 80 percent who prefer Biden.

However, Trump did find some support from both parties with his promise to help American farmers impacted by his tariffs.

Fifty-seven percent of overall voters approved of the strategy.