Foot odor causes emergency landing on Spirit Airlines flight

No doubt just about everyone has experienced an unpleasant odor during a flight.

Well, NBC News reports that a Spirit Airlines flight from New York to Fort Lauderdale Florida had to make an emergency landing -- after what passengers described as foot odor began to cause some passengers to experience burning in their chests and throats.

The flight was diverted to South Carolina and all 220 passengers were forced to disembark. Between 7 and 10 passengers were transported to the hospital.

Hazmat crews searched for the mysterious odor but were unable to pinpoint the source.

This isn’t the first time body odor has grounded a plane.

In February one passenger’s gas caused a fight to break out on a Transavia airlines flight and in January a passenger on the same airline had BO so bad it caused some passengers to vomit.

Spirit Airlines says they are still investigating the source.

But we can’t help but think the source of the smell… may have walked off the plane when it landed.