Colombian cartel puts $70,000 price on the head of drug-sniffing dog

A drug-sniffing dog that helped law-enforcement authorities in Colombia find more than 10 tons of cocaine is being reassigned because of a crime organization’s death threats.

The sniffer dog Sombra, which means Shadow in English, has a $70,000 price on her head, BBC News reported. The gang that reportedly issued the death contract is known as the Urabeños.

Sombra, a 6-year-old German shepherd, had been working in ports on the Atlantic coast, where drugs are shipped by speedboat or submarine, according to the BBC. She recently discovered about 5.8 tons of cocaine in the town Turbo and an additional 4.4 tons in car parts that were set to be exported.

Photos of Sombra:

The dog was transferred to an airport in the Colombian capital of Bogotá after authorities learned of the threat. Tighter airport security will make it easier for Sombra’s handlers to protect her, Newsweek reported.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.