Watch: Patriots' Tom Brady meets Thomas and Brady, young twins named after him

As you’d assume, Tom Brady is an idol among New England Patriots fans. As such, dozens of babies and pets have been named in honor of the quarterback who has lead the franchise to five Super Bowl championships.

But one New England-born fan took things a step further after the team’s memorable win over Seattle in Super Bowl XLIX.

‘It’s pretty cool’

Tom Brady, meet Tom and Brady: the Patriots’ quarterback met twins bearing his name this week at training camp. (AP)
Tom Brady, meet Tom and Brady: the Patriots’ quarterback met twins bearing his name this week at training camp. (AP)

On Thursday, Brady met two young fans and their parents: 3-year-old twin boys, Thomas and Brady.


The adorable duo were at Patriots training camp, and spent a little time with Brady the quarterback as he came off the field after practice.

“We named them after you!,” their father, Brian Caffyn, told Brady.

“How sweet,” Brady said, rubbing one of the boys on his head. “It’s pretty cool.”

They exchanged some high fives, with Brady doing the classic “too slow!” prank on the third.

Named upon delivery

The Caffyns told the Patriots’ website that Brian and his wife, Grace, hadn’t discussed names before the boys were born. But in the operating room in April 2015, Caffyn had an epiphany.

“Literally, in the operating room, Brian said, ‘This is Tom, Baby A, and Baby B is Brady,’” Grace said.

A native of South Windsor, Conn. who has lived abroad for over 20 years, Brian Caffyn was in the stands for Super Bowl XLIX. Still inspired by Brady’s comeback against the Seahawks’ defense two months later, he knew who the boys should be named after.

I liked both names,” Caffyn said. “I have an Uncle Tom and a good friend Brady, so I always liked the names and I thought, ‘Well, what the heck!’ We’re living halfway across the world, so it’s not like anyone’s going to necessarily put it together.”

The family currently lives in Hong Kong.

But the Patriots names didn’t stop there: Brady Caffyn’s middle name is Edelman, as in Julian Edelman, who caught what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown. (Thomas’ middle name is Killian, chosen by his mom.)

I have a buddy who’s a Pittsburgh fan so he was like, ‘I can’t believe you did that!’,” Brian said. “It’s pretty funny. When people put it together they get a really good chuckle out of it. They’re usually pretty shocked.”

Makes you wonder if there are any twins in greater Philadelphia named Nick and Foles…

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