RANKED: All 16 of LeBron James' teams through his career — including his new Lakers squad

Over his 16-year career, LeBron James has played on everything from super-teams to lottery teams.

But which of those teams were the best? James often gets credited for dragging teams to the playoffs — he did it last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers — and many think he'll have to do it again with his new Los Angeles Lakers team.

But which of those teams gave James the most support? Which were sturdy enough to be truly elite teams that dominated the league, rather than average teams with one dominant player?

There's no exact formula for answering such a question, but to rank the best teams of James' 16-year career, we included several factors: team record, net rating (the amount by which a team outscores opponents per 100 possessions), their playoff record and net rating, and ultimate finishing point (e.g. Finals, Conference Finals, etc.).

We also looked at James' usage rate (to see how much work he was doing), his win shares (calculated by Basketball-Reference), and the number of players who made All-Star teams in that season. Lastly, we used a bit of logic and subjectivity.

Below is our ranking of James' best teams:

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