Poll: Most voters believe Brett Kavanaugh will be voted into Supreme Court

A new poll finds that a majority of U.S. voters believe Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s choice to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, will be confirmed on to the Supreme Court.

The Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll found that 81 percent believe Kavanaugh will ascend to the country’s highest court, but opinions on the former D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals judge are roughly split, with 35 percent of voters opposing him at least somewhat and 36 percent supporting Kavanaugh.

The co-director of the poll said quote, "Reaction to him so far is largely along partisan lines, indicating his hearings will be decisive and there is still a jump ball here."

Kavanaugh is the second nominee put forth since President Trump took office and his nomination has caused controversy in the Senate over how quickly it should move to vote on the judge, with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowing to hold the vote before the November midterms.

If Kavanaugh is confirmed and replaces Kennedy, who was often considered a swing vote on the court, it could mean a conservative Supreme Court for decades to come.