Omarosa lands seven-figure White House tell-all book deal

Omarosa has landed a seven-figure book deal for her White House tell-all amid reports that Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen intervened on her behalf about a potential lawsuit against the publisher of the National Enquirer!

Omarosa worked as director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison for one year in the Trump Administration before she was fired, and had a relationship with the president dating back to her appearance on The Apprentice.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2011 Cohen brokered a deal between Omarosa and Enquirer publisher American Media Inc, after she threatened to sue over coverage about her brother’s murder.

Cohen told AMI Omarosa wouldn’t sue if she was offered a position with the company, and she was later made west coast editor of their magazine Reality Weekly, then worked with OK Magazine after Reality Weekly closed.

Now, a source tells the Daily Mail she’s signed a seven-figure book deal with Simon and Schuster subsidiary Gallery Books, and her white house tell-all could be out within a few months! Omarosa hasn’t commented on the report, but in a post-white house firing interview with ABC, she hinted that she had a ‘story to tell.’