German police seize Nazi-era weapons man said to have found with detector

BERLIN, July 25 (Reuters) - German police said on Wednesday they had seized about 100 Nazi-era rifles, over a dozen grenades and other munitions components from a German man who is suspected of violating gun laws by planning to clean the weapons and sell them.

The man, who comes from the eastern German town of Schkopau, is believed to have found the weapons - most of which were rusty and covered with dirt - using a metal detector, police in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt said in a statement.

He was released in consultation with local prosecutors but faces potential charges of violating strict German laws on the possession of weapons. Officials had no immediate comment on when or whether he would be charged.

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A local police official said the man was a German citizen, but gave few further details.

Police stopped the man, who was driving a small truck, near the town of Beuna. A search of the vehicle and his home resulted in the discovery of numerous weapons dating back to World War Two, as well as a handgun that requires a permit.

(Reporting by Andrea Shalal Editing by Andrew Bolton)