'Anne Thrax' package sent to Rep. Maxine Waters' Los Angeles office

A package labeled “Anne Thrax” was delivered to the building where Representative Maxine Waters’ district offices are located on Tuesday.

Although parts of the building were evacuated, according to CNN, the Los Angeles Fire Department determined that there was no hazard.

The Los Angeles Times reports a spokesperson from the LAPD said there was no evidence of any dangerous substance, however, there will most likely be an investigation into where the package came from.

The package isn’t the first time Waters has received threats. Time reports she had to cancel two public events in June after receiving a serious death threat and hostile mail.

The threats come as Waters continues to be highly critical of President Trump and his administration.

She encouraged her supporters to quote “push back” on members of the cabinet, and since then has received an increase in threats.

However, Waters says she did not “call for harm,” saying “protest is civil.” Waters has also been a vocal proponent of Trump being impeached and removed from office.