Brett Kavanaugh has record low support among Americans: poll

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has the lowest vote of confidence among American in three decades, according to Gallup pollsters.

Fourty-one percent of Americans want lawmakers to confirm the federal jurist from Maryland, while 37 percent want him rejected for the bench job, the survey states.

The five-point margin — based on polls conducted for five days after President Trump’s announcement — is the narrowest gap since President Ronald Reagan’s contentious decision to nominate conservative legal theorist Robert Bork to fill an open SCOTUS seat.

The Senate in 1987 overwhelmingly refused to confirm Bork’s nomination.

Bork, however, boasted a six-point margin over Kavanaugh.

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The average support for Supreme Court nominees is 49 percent, according to survey records dating back to 1991.

Gallup Polls did not measure support for Stephen Breyer, David Souter, Douglas Ginsburg and outgoing Justice Anthony Kennedy, who Kavanaugh could replace after he retires.

Fourty-five percent of those polled in February 2017 supported Neil Gorsuch while 52% supported the Obama-nominated Merrick Garland, whom the GOP-majority Senate rejected.