Vladimir Putin's lonely World Cup umbrella is ripe for an internet roasting

Sweet, sweet, viral memories.The World Cup may be over now, but at least it left us with plenty of memories

Neymar's diving. It's coming home. Macron's ecstatic fist pump. The list goes on.

The final, crowning jewel has to be Vladimir Putin's umbrella, though.

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Putin watched the World Cup final between France and Croatia alongside French President Emmanuel Macron and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović on Sunday.

After the match was over, they took to the pitch for the ceremony — at which point it started raining.

There was only one man who managed to stay dry, though.

Here's a smiling Putin, sporting the only umbrella in sight.

The lone umbrella presented some truly excellent caption opportunities.

Finally, though, they managed to find a few more.

Ultimately there's only one man in that picture who's managed to escape getting drenched.